Slow down to go fast

Boost your team's performance and wellbeing with time-efficient methods to relax and re-focus.

Mindfulness is an ancient mental training to bring the mind to the present moment and perceive all circumstances, thoughts and emotions without judgement. The most known formal practice is meditation. 

The practice increases self awareness and self regulation. It helps to find an inner balance that boosts stress resilience even in times of pressure. Learning to focus one's attention helps to improve results and relationships at work.

The challenges of today's fast-paced work environments

Today‘s work world is marked by doing “more with less“, unpredecented change and information overload. We must navigate trends of digitalization, automation and technology. Leaders and employees are required to learn different ways of working, new skills and attitudes.

Can you relate to the challenges of modern workplaces?

  • decreasing productivity due to lack of focus

  • increasing costs due to stress-related sick days

  • a person's resistance to actively drive the change into a digital work world


Organizational change programs are paving the way for new ways of working, enabling employees with new technology or work ways. These programs rarely address individual mind-sets or the ability to manage change.


Many employees do not feel ready and struggle with agile ways of working and learning how to use new technologies efficiently. This creates anxiety and resistance in the individual, hindering organizations or even teams to really change.

Staying centered and healthy with Mindfulness

Mindfulness describes the state-of-mind every good leader needs: being consciously present and taking decisions that unlock the best potential of a situation. With formal training, such as meditation, this mind-set can be strengthened tremendously. Mindfulness fosters open-mindedness and clarity, the two key ingredients for quick adaptation to new situations and for increased speed of learning.

Mindfulness training fosters open-mindedness and clarity, both key ingredients for leaders and teams to adopt quickly to new situations, increase the speed of learning and work with complexity.


The Zen & Go Mindfulness training works on two layers

Mind-set: Train your employee‘s mind-set for more focused attention, presence and resilience. Help them overcome

the barriers that get in the way of reaching their full potential at work.

•  Behavior: add on your team‘s repertoire the skills to enhance work efficiency and collaboration.

Case studies show -28% perceived stress, +12% focus, +11% creativity, +3000$/employee worth productivity improvements as a result of mindfulness training (Aetna, US health insurer; SAP Germany).


Zen & Go Mindfulness training combines ancient techniques with modern methods from Coaching and Psychology. It is a mental training for improved focus and wellbeing in the workplace. 

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Last week, together with Sophie, we have introduced the concept of Mindfulness to my leadership team. We got to understand how to increase focus, wellbeing and (self) compassion in our work life. We discussed the relevance of training the mind in times of information overload and an ever-changing connected world. Interesting discussion around how to be digitally mindful with technology like smartphones emerged. We learned time-efficient mindfulness tools for daily work life, such as meditation and breath work and experienced the effects of feeling more relaxed instantly. It was a beautiful experience and I am very glad I could share it with my team. It seems Sophie was born to be a mind ''fitness'' coach. She made me and my team members feel immediately comfortable to share our personal bottlenecks to be always on in our job and together we worked on discovering what are our respective ''me moments'' we should plan and protect in our days to recharge fully the batteries of our mind. At work, we are also human beings and being present is already a great step towards building success together as a team.

—  Laurent Dosogne,

Chief Pricing Officer Healthtech LATAM, Philips